Information on personal data processing and privacy protection

Here you can read about our privacy policy. It is about how and in what way we protect your personal data and your privacy. Protecting your privacy and following the applicable data protection laws is important to us. In order to use, the "Service", and its functions in full, and in order for us to administer your membership, you must provide us with certain personal information in connection with the registration and creation of your user account.

1. Information we collect

When you become a member or subscribe to our newsletter and start using the Service, we ask you for an e-mail address and which categories of products are of interest to you and which brands you like, possibly also passwords. There is no obligation or statutory requirement that you must submit the information. However, that we collect and store the information is necessary for you to be able to use the Service and for us to enter and manage your membership. Visits that you make on the Service also means that from your browser, through the use of cookies, plug-ins, or other tracking tools, or through web analytics or statistics tools that we use, receive and store server information about your browser, your unit ID number, in some cases used IP number, date and time of registration, and, where applicable, location information about where your device is located. This information is anonymized and / or stored and used anonymously without being directly linked to you as a person. Such data can, after your registration here on the Service, be linked together and used with the personal data you provided at registration. What kind of cookies we use, including cookies from third parties with whom we work, and how to refuse cookies or delete previously saved cookies.

2. How the data collected is used, the purpose and legal basis for the processing

The information you provide to us is used to register and administer your membership, such as communicating with you and providing information on news, changes, updates, evaluations, analyzes and surveys, and other things of relevance to improving your use of the service as a member. For this purpose, the legal basis is that we need to perform the treatment to administer the membership and to fulfill the agreement between us, which the membership entails. Collected and saved data is also used for analysis and statistics in order to develop, improve, maintain and protect the Service and our server environment as well as for marketing purposes, which may include, based on selection, designing, adapting and sending advertising, preferential offers and other mailings that are relevant and designed according to the recipient's interests, preferences and needs (profiling). For such purposes, we may also transfer the data to the use of other companies within the group to which we belong, our partners, or other companies with which we cooperate. The legal basis for these purposes is that the processing is necessary for the legitimate interest we have in being able to use the data for marketing purposes and among other things, enhance the user experience of the Service and generate the revenue necessary and also, a prerequisite for being able to operate, develop and provide the Service free of charge in the way we do, in the interest of our users and members. We consider this interest to outweigh the interest in privacy, taking into account the manner, extent and effects of treatment, what the expectations that our members and users of the Service reasonably have of how we may use the personal data and the right that always exists to oppose the data being used for direct marketing and / or profiling, or to terminate their membership and request the deletion? of their personal data. By becoming a member and accepting Terms of Use and what is stated in this information, you provide consent to us or our partners to send marketing to you via electronic mail or SMS. You are always entitled to notify us at any time that you oppose receiving email or SMS marketing, or that your information is otherwise used for direct marketing.

3. Recipients who can access personal data

The personal data is used by us for the development and operation of the Service and within our own organization, but can also, for example. ???marketing purposes will be transferred to and shared with other recipients, such as our partners, or other companies we partner with, e.g. personal data assistants that we use to process personal data. You always have the right to oppose receiving marketing via e-mail or SMS at any time, or furthermore that your information is otherwise used for direct marketing, including profiling. See link in paragraph 2 above. Personal data collected is not transferred by us to third countries, such as to any country outside the EU / EEA. However, transfer may occur if we, for example, have hired a personal data assistant to carry out certain processing.

4. Period during which the data is stored

Personal data is stored so far as long insofar ??as you are a member and have a user relationship with the Service and us. The data does not stop being saved simply because you are not active and using the Service. If you want to cancel your user account, you can easily contact us and notify us by clicking here. Once your membership is terminated, we will delete your information without delay, and at the latest within the time required by applicable data protection legislation, or court or regulatory authority decisions. Your data may be stored longer than otherwise if the obligation to continue to store the data is in accordance with current legislation to which we are subject.

5. Information about your rights under the Data Protection

Regulation According to the provisions of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to have access to, free of charge and a copy of the personal data about you processed (free of charge), as well as the right to get incorrect data corrected or incomplete supplements (Article 16). You are further entitled to request the deletion of your personal data (Article 17), in the cases and under the conditions set out in the Data Protection Regulation (Article 17), to limit the processing of your personal data (Article 18) and to object to the processing that takes place (Article 21 ). You also have the right to obtain and transfer any personal data that you have provided to us under what is called the right to data portability (Article 20).

6. Automated decisions and profiling

The processing of personal data we carry out includes automated decisions and profiling?? that certain personal characteristics are assessed for analyzing and predicting preferences, interests and behaviors, and, where applicable, whereabouts?? in order to be able to send customized marketing offers and other communications to the recipient's interests and needs. The logic behind this is that your device's use of the Service and other of our services enables us to track and gain greater awareness of your habits on the Internet and thus your interests and needs. The consequence for you as a registered person is that you can get more targeted advertising offers than otherwise, which in turn can increase your purchases of such goods and services to which the marketing refers. You always have the right to object to direct marketing and profiling as well as.

7. Right to oppose direct marketing and profiling, revocation of consent (where applicable)

You always have the right to oppose that your data is used for direct marketing, including profiling associated with such marketing, see link in paragraph 2 above. To the extent that we process personal data, and this is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

8. Personal data protection and contact details

It is Atelier Des Curators AB that operates and is responsible for the Service.
Atelier Des Curators AB, org. No: 559160-5828
Address: Finnboda varvsväg 14B, 131 72 Nacka. Telephone: 0723 13 88 39, e-mail:

9. Right to file a complaint

You always have the right to submit complaints to the supervisory authority concerned, the Data Inspectorate, (with proposed new name, the Privacy Protection Authority) in case of dissatisfaction or remarks against the processing of personal data that is carried out. You can do this most easily by e-mail to or by phone 08-657 61 00.
If you have questions or would like more information about the processing of personal data that is being done, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail or telephone, see contact details in paragraphs 8 above.